Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Do you like butter?

                                                                  Do you like butter?

This device is for Winter, when buttercups are out of season. Simply put the device under your chin and turn the handle. After the required number of turns, is Doubt or Desire visible at the front? You have your answer.Simple as that. Of course this references the childhood game of telling whether you like butter with a reflected buttercup placed under your chin. Almost everybody does. A silicone basting brush goes one step further by tickling your chin or even applying a fine coating of butter if required.
I enjoy the challenge of making jewellery that can be worn, but also has a function.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Spinning Straw into Gold.

 Jewellery problem solving. Had the queen had this machine, she would never have entered into the deal with Rumpelstiltskin. She could have made her own gold appear!

Ladybird 'Well loved tales series 606D' used as packaging for The Contemporary Jewellery Exchange 2015.
The packaging illustrates elements of the story.

Reading the story of Rumpelstiltskin made me consider how the Miller's daughter had no control over her destiny, from being volunteered by her father to perform un-accomplishable tasks, to having the threat of head removal if unable to spin straw into gold, and then the terrible bargain with the cross tempered dwarf in which the price for the spinning the straw into gold was surrendering her first born. 
I have made her a small, easily concealable machine which spins straw into gold.
 She will have to decide herself if marrying a King who threatens to kill her if she cannot weave a room full of straw into gold is a good idea!

Time passes so quickly now

Madame Yevonde's stunning and and atmospheric portraits provide inspiration for a series of worded necklaces which challenge the viewer to reflect on the state of mind of the wearer. I use humour and ambiguity to communicate or provide a narrative.
 Mrs Anthony Eden as the' muse of history' seems aloof and distant as she expresses her indifference in a complicated,lengthy and absurdly concrete fashion, ill-fitting for such a short-lived sentiment.
Venus in her ancient glory celebrates the ephemeral nature of beauty acknowledging 'and we all lose our charms in the end'.
Mrs Longdon as Persephone calmly radiates a 'rare and dazzling order of beauty'.
As the maker of such bold proclamations,worn and observed outside of my influence, I can appreciate and enjoy the interactions from an interestingly anonymous distance.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Sculpture and installations from the last year.

 Installation for 'Text and Context' Exhibition in Cambridge 2012 .Title 'My secret life'.
Working with autobiographical themes; family history and Dementia.

 Work included in Art Language Location. Cambridge 2013. Title. 'Mis-Communication.'
A range of jewellery in a Kit which makes speaking redundant, everything you need to say in any situation available as a piece of jewellery. Includes the 'I am not listening' Necklace and the 'I never liked you' Ring.

Detail of 'When the Moon was Full' 2014 as part of 'Querimonia Blues' an exhibition with Josepa Munoz and Robert Good in Barcelona. Investigation of the transformation of ordinary space into sacred space.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Latest Commission

Wedding commission, tie pins with English Rose and Columbian Orchid. Silver sheet; made using repousse, granulation and forging.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Considering nature

Wintry Pendant in etched oxidized silver, with Labradorite beads and Snowflake Obsidian Cabochon.

Silver pigeon Earring with blue cats eye beads.

Silver 'Roman' style Ring with etched shank and Aquamarine set in red gold.

Silver Birds on a branch with red gold finials and etched detail.

Silver Skeleton necklace with birds head and skull and Obsidian.

Experimental Ceramic Portraits.

Coloured porcelain , roughly mixed and press moulded. I intend to incorporate this into a piece of narrative jewellery.

Small nutshell in porcelain taken from a cast of a walnut, with tiny blue doll. I was influenced by the tale of the childless mother who found her own 'baby' in the centre of an apricot kernel.
Moulded porcelain vintage baby face necklace with 'liquorice' blue cats' eye beads.